• All the same engineering & design features and tactical advantages as the OBS-1
  • 6-hour run time on infrared
  • 3-hour run time on white
  • Rearward facing blue light indicates when IR is active
  • Lights tuned to 25m - but reaches out well past 75m


Here’s the deal:  

Bottom line:...this light is not for everyone:  it is intended for a very specific group of shooters with specialized equipment and tactical requirements.  

We are unable to fit every rail system out there.  Our first model was designed to fit Picatinny quad rails…and it sucked.  Just too many different sizes and dimensions.  The choice came down to quality vs quantity:.  We chose to fit the majority of rails perfectly, instead of risking a bad fit for all.  Too small, and we fit less rails.  Too large, and we have too much slop on the vast majority of rails.  Our choice was to give the majority of operators the best possible fit.  

The rails we know we fit:  the M-LOK standard manufactured by Midwest Industries, AeroPrecision, Daniel Defense, BCM, BAD.  

Please visit your 0BS-1 dealer and - before you buy - grab a sizing template and make sure it fits your rifle.    

If it doesn’t fit yours, please let us know (feedback@i-ed2.com): we will do our best to include yours in our next model.



Before use, read and understand the contents of your 0BS-1 manual.  Follow all standard safety precautions during firearm operation, even when the device is not in use.

ALWAYS clear the weapon chamber before mounting or removing the device.
0BS-1 runs on Lithium Ion cells.  Be smart, treat them right, and don’t take the unit apart.

In-extremis design & development isn’t responsible for consequences of misuse or disregard of common sense practices.  Failure to follow all standard firearm precautions and procedures, as well as the above warnings, is dangerous and may result in serious injury, damage to property, or death.  



Proper care and maintenance of the 0BS-1 is recommended to ensure longevity.  Opening, disassembling, modifying, and/or tampering with the unit will invalidate the warranty.

Safe charging and operating temperature is -10-40oC.  Safe storage temperature is -20-60oC.

Keep unit free of debris and dust.  When cleaning, turn power off and wipe down with a dry or slightly damp, clean cloth.



Safe operating temperature of the batteries and charger is -10-40oC.  Safe storage temperature is -20-60oC. 

Once charging is complete (solid red indicator light), remove USB-C cable and unplug from the power source.  Do not over-charge or over-discharge batteries.

To reduce risk of damage to power cord or unit, when removing the USB-C cord, do so by the connector - not the cord.  Do not use the cord or attempt to recharge the unit if either appears damaged in any way.

Do not expose the unit to heating devices, open flames, extreme ambient temperatures, or sudden temperature changes.

Conduct charging in a well-ventilated area.  Do not store or charge in a damp area.  Keep all flammable volatile substances away from the device.

i-ed2 shall not be held responsible or liable for any loss, damage, or claim of any kind incurred as a result of the failure to obey the instructions in the user manual.    

Transport and ship in accordance with current U.S. laws and regulations.